Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well can't believe its been a couple of weeks since I posted. I had some unsettling news from some xrays on my left shoulder last week. I will see the specialist at the end of the month. I could have gone earlier but we have plans to go away for a few days. I had my right rotator cuff fixed in 2010 and now my left shoulder has "a Significant tear" I couldn't believe I what I heard on the phone. No wonder I cant applique and do much hand sewing although for some reason making hexagons does not bother my arm. It is really strange. I am thinking it is not so bad as going to Physiotherapy is so much better than going to Chemotherapy. Not sure I want surgery but will see what they say. In the mean time I can certainly machine stitch and cut out fabric..LOL. I am starting a new project, the pattern is by Jen Kingwell Designs called" Steam Punk". The pattern calls to make 70 blocks but I hope to make 140 blocks,to fit our King size bed.  I have tons of fabric in blues pinks yellows and soft greens.  I originally saw this quilt made by Karen's  but she hand appliqued hers.  I saw the pattern at a quilt show, and its pieced by machin so I ordered it.

I have been trying to keep up with Karen's Quilt a Long too.. Here are my blocks so far.
I also received in the mail the day I got the news about my torn rotator cuff a beautiful mug rug from Esther she is such a giving person and it touched my heart. Thank you so much Esther.
I made another Hexagon Pouch, for a friend. You can get the pattern here.

Well I think that's all for now. I would love to read your comments. I will link with Esther

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I found a great little pattern at The Zen of Making it is called English Paper Piecing Travel Kit. I thought it would be great to take to the pool when my hubby and I go sit around the pool here at the Condo. I just love it and it is pretty roomy to carry all the supplies to make hexagons. I am sure I will make a few more maybe as gifts.
I also found some lace that I had left from a wedding dress I made for my daughter many years ago. I had just bought a white tee shirt and decided to spruce it up a bit. I love how it looks now.
I will be linking with Esther

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I thought I would revisit a couple of my quilts from a few years back.
This is an all embroidered small quilt 28" x 28" embroidered on silk.
Close up of center. These designs are from Cathy Parks  she is an amazing design artist. The detail in the Kimono is just amazing. I made this in 2004

Here is another quilt I made for a friend when she was not well  embroidery designs from Embroidery library
Had this fabric at the time in my stash and bought the designs. Made in 2004
We have been enjoying our walks along the Trail and came across more wood carvings in tree stumps.
Made by a Condo owner in our building.
I have been working on finishing my table runner from Esther that she so generously gave us the pattern for at Easter. I am also working on my Hexagons.

 I am linking up with Esther.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Where has the time gone? The weather sure has been wonderful and it is so nice to get out and walk and enjoy the warmer weather. We tried our air conditioner to see how good it was well wouldn't you know it, made a rather bad sound. We called the local air conditioner service people that do a lot of work in the building. Nice guy came said we needed a new compressor Oh NO all I could see were $$$$$ more money out the door. Well it has to be fixed so he ordered the part. When he came back he noticed that there was a compasatator and checked it and it was not working well he had one in truck so thank goodness it was a much cheaper fix. Whew he also put a new line for the water as it was broken. All is well and nice and cool in our unit. On the sewing end I have not done much on my LE just putting it aside for a while I am disappointed that I can't appliqué but have done some machine embroidery on the borders. I did make another outfit for myself and a roll pillow for a friend.
I have also been enjoying making hexagons for a quilt a long with Karen. I will link to Esther's blog.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I have decided to go on with the LE a different way. I am having trouble still with my hands when I applique so since I have an embroidery machine I will add some embroidery to my LE. I found some great designs on Embroidery Library and I can work with them and of course I have thousands of design since I have owned and embroidery machine since 1999. So I have lots of embroidery thread too. This will be fun, and I will also do some iron on applique with some of the elements. I was going to stop at the center square but I really would like to carry on with this beautiful quilt. Here is a photo of one of the Borders Part 8.
Here is a close up.
I am quite behind here but now that I have a vision I can carry on. I also worked on my Hexagons funny my hands don't hurt making these.. Its kind of weird.. but you all know ageing is not fun. I really cant complain though I always have fun. LOL
Here is block three not sure I like it so its not stitched up.
I am linking with Esther I would love to here your comments. Hugs

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I missed last week had to help a friend who's brother was very ill. She is an amazing friend and has had to take care of her sister with Alzheimer's and then her brother was diagnosed with cancer he was is very serious shape and he passed away sadly last Thursday. He was a wonderful brother to her a very kind fellow. My friend has had a lot on her shoulders in the past few years. I try to help when she needs me. She is a kind loving person.
 I am just getting over the flu came down with it on Mothers day I had a few symptoms on Saturday and then by Sunday evening, I was down, but am feeling better today thankfully. I had a wonderful Mothers day with two of my daughters and my DIL they took me to brunch and showered me with flowers candy and a beautiful bracelet. It was a great day. Sadly my oldest daughter was unable to come. I went shopping with my youngest after brunch and bought myself an iron. I go through irons like mad so I bought a better one. Hope it lasts longer than the last three. LOL.It was regular $179.00 on sale and then I had a 25% coupon and an extra 15%off because I used my Bay card. Final total $104.90.
I made myself a pair of wild pants again this week too. I loved the fabric and had a nice top in my closet that would go with them.
As I said in my last post I have gone hexagon nuts LOL. I made more out of scraps and have put together block 1 and block 2 is almost all stitched up.
Centre is stitched but not the outer border and background
I also picked up a couple of books the last few weeks I am itching to make another portrait type quilt. LOL truthfully my mind is going constantly have so many things I want to do. Especially get back to my LE and also the Easter table runner is not finished so I will not start any other projects until at least some of these are up to date or finished. LOL
Lastly I have finally found a use for all these spools of thread with about two yards on them LOL. sewing up hexagons. LOL.
That all for today Happy Stitching and I am linking up with Esther.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday and Hexagons

Oh my goodness I have been back to making hexagons thanks to Karen at Faeries and Fibres. I decided to put my LE aside I am not sure I can go too much further with it. My hands are giving me so much trouble lately when appliqueing. I have also been bitten by the hexagon but and my hands seem fine while making them. I still have my LE on my design wall or pinned to another quilt on the wall in my sewing room. It keeps calling me and maybe in time I will get back to it. I had a lot of trouble making those pixie things on top of the triangles in the border so I fused them and will applique the triangles. I think I made dozens of them and did not like any of them LOL. The elements are hard for me to hold without getting pain in my hands. Oh well getting old sucks LOL. Here are some photos of my LE border waiting and some of the hexagons I made for a hexagon quilt with Karen. None of the hexagons are stitched together they will be when hands are better, and my LE border a few elements are stitched, made the flowers on my embroidery machine.

I am linking up with Esther until next time Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday and new Table Runner

I finally finished my Love Entwined Centre and am auditioning the first border of yellow. I think it will be nice. I have started the first appliqued border that goes on all four sides. Yes I need to make 4 of them. Good news is I have all my zig zags made just have to be basted and appliqued on the borders.
I also started my Table Runner with Esther's beautiful pattern. I won't have it ready for Easter but it will be a nice added tough to our new table. Not quite sure how I will quilt it yet. I have more buttonhole stitching to do yet first.

I will link with Esther.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Oh my goodness another week has gone by. It has been a busy one first I came down with a bladder infection not fun but hopefully the meds did the trick and am feeling better. I think the meds were worse than the infection.. Yesterday Esther surprised us again on her list with a lovely Table runner. Oh she does know how to get our minds going in all directions. I immediately dove in my stash I had such a mess I did not know where to begin but in the end and several hours later I came up with a plan.. Here is a photo of my fabrics.
Now to see if I have enough steam a seam to start it. I just love the style of this it can be used all summer and maybe make one for the fall too.
 I told you last week about our walk in the Waterfront Trail and showed you the carved turtle well on the weekend we met this gentleman down by the water at our condo and we got talking and told him we were new here and that how wonderful the trail is and the amazing turtle I found carved out of a stump. Well do you believe that he was the carver he told us there were a few more along the trail. So on our last walk my hubby and I walked further along the trail and what do you know we found a Beaver what fun to be on a scavenger hunt while walking. He does amazing work and it is just a hobby. He actually lives in our building what are the chances of actually meeting the artist like that. Its a wonderful world. Cant wait to see more further along the trail.
My Love Entwined centre is almost done. Just a few more hours then I can get onto the borders. Love it this is the last basket in the centre.

I just had to add to my post. I ordered 2 hand made seam rippers from Karen's brother OMG they are just gorgeous. Everyone needs to have one of these.  I think they are just so beautiful and I know I will treasure them forever.  If you want to order them you can get in touch with Karen The white one is American holly with Lapiz, turquoise and topaz inlay. The other one is made of green vera and the inlay is abalone.

I am linking up with Esther check out her blog.